Incomplete 'I' Grade Request

Incomplete 'I' Grade Request

IIT Office of the Registrar

NOTE: Students may submit this request ONLY if substantial equity (work) has been submitted for the course thus far and the course cannot be completed due to illness or unforeseeable circumstances.

Registered students can request a temporary grade of 'I' (incomplete), prior to finals week of the current term, by submitting this request form for consideration to the primary instructor of the course.

A grade of 'I' is assigned at the instructor's discretion in the case of a student's illness or unforeseeable circumstances that prevents successful completion of course requirements by the end of the term. A written agreement between the student and instructor should detail what the student must do to earn a satisfactory grade.

The 'I' grade will automatically lapse to a failing grade of 'E' on the published deadline of the subsequent term. See the Academic Calendar for future grade lapse dates.

Instructors forward approved requests to the Office of the Registrar for processing before finals week of the current term.

For more information about grades and the grading policy, consult the official Grade Legend.