Graduate Course Repeat Request

Graduate Course Repeat Request

NOTE: Students must be registered for the repeated course indicated below prior to submitting this request. Course repeat requests pertaining to unregistered courses cannot be processed.

Graduate students can request a course repeat by submitting this request form for consideration to the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs.

This form will only be accepted during the registration period for the current and future semesters. Requests to repeat a course after the current semester's last day to register or add a course will not be accepted.

Graduate Course Repeat Information:

  • The request to repeat a course requires the approval of the student's academic advisor and the dean of the Graduate College.

  • Both grades will be recorded on all transcripts issued. However, only the second grade will be used to compute the cumulative GPA, even if the second grade is lower, except when the second grade is 'W' or 'AU.'

  • The same course may be repeated only once for a grade change.

  • No more than two courses may be repeated for a grade change during an academic career as a graduate student at IIT.

  • If the course is no longer offered, the provision to repeat the course for a change of grade does not apply.

Graduate Academic Affairs forwards approved requests to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

See the Academic Calendar for registration deadlines. For further information about the graduate course repeat policy, consult the Graduate Bulletin.